Migration - Contemporary Debates
Through multiple case studies, you will learn how Migration theories and concepts are applied to understand education and economic migration in regions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Course Description
Migration and migrants are umbrella terms that too often have been used ubiquitously and incorrectly in mass media. In this course, we will look into the distinct experiences of subgroups that could be referred to by the term "migrant", including asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants and international students. You will hear first hand from international students and academics who research economic migrants. They will help you understand the situation from multiple perspectives, and suggest how you can be more critical about the information you see, and what actions you can take to help tackle migration issues. Dear users, you can now download the certificates for the courses you complete on The LAB. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below: 1. Go to the “Dashboard” which you can find on the top right corner between “My Courses” and “Messages” 2. On the option “Insights” you can see all the courses you have completed. Simply click on the “download” icon under “Certificates”. 3. That’s it! Thank you for completing a course on The LAB. We look forward to seeing you again

Unit 1 Rethinking the so-called refugee crisis
Think about the words migrant and refugee and ask yourself: what are the differences if any? Moreover, reflect on how much do you really know about the global migration crisis. Then, go to the exercises and find support in the videos and materials, if needed, to help you solve them and move on to the next unit.
Unit 2 Migration & Education: the case of studying abroad in South Korea
What are the push-and-pull factors of studying abroad? How much value does the school, the destination country and the entire experience of studying abroad add to your personal and career development? What are some trade-offs?
Unit 3 Migrants, Refugees and Social Media
What role do media and new technologies play in facilitating migration? How do migrants interact with each other, what information is available, how organized is this, and what forums do they use?
Unit 4 Abuse of labor migrants: a case study of labor migrants for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Explore what's happening with Qatar's World Cup when it comes to forced labor and migrant workers.