Breaking the culture of silence
This course contains a list of workshop activities, games and songs, specifically designed to work with groups from multicultural backgrounds.
Crossing Borders

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Course Description
The purpose of this practical handbook is to assist facilitators, mediators and trainers to achieve maximum participation of their group in the learning, training and dialogue process. It is for people working with all kinds of groups, but especially those from conflict societies or consisting of people from multicultural backgrounds. This handbook was developed as an example of concrete output from the activities in the "Peace in the Horn" project, a dialogue project implemented by Crossing Borders with a grant from the UNESCO Participation Programme. The handbook is meant to serve as a rich source of relevant information and practical tools to apply directly in the work towards a deeper understanding, increased awareness and action for positive change. Our hope is to break the culture of silence, boredom and lack of active and positive participation of people in activities that have a direct bearing in their lives.

Unit 1 Why and how to use this course
This course provides a variety of Icebreakers as workshop activities, games and songs as tools for "breaking the culture of silence".It has all been uploaded as materials and in the following units of this course, you can go through it depending on what interests you! These activities are mostly recognized as methods sustaining the interest of the learner and audience, creating an enabling environment for higher participation. Simultaneously, they create a release of tensions, especially when people are strangers coming together in a learning situation.
Unit 2 Workshop Activities
Here you can find a list of creative workshop activities, some of them exemplified by Crossing Borders' experiences. This unit can help you to: - Break down social barriers during the meeting - Increase openness for self-expression - To sustain interest
Unit 3 Games
Here you can find a list of games from Crossing Borders experience as facilitators designed, to increase participation of the group in learning, training and dialogue process, reflecting a variety of cultural expressions and views upon the world. This unit can help you to: - Energize and motivate - Relax and gain a gradual release of body tensions - Create a positive group atmosphere
Unit 4 Chants and songs
Here you can find a list of chants and songs, together with some examples, To keep in mind to assist facilitators of these activities: Sope important sequential steps for action songs is to first teach the tune (with words), secondly, show the movement (demonstrate) and third ask the participants to perform the exercise, and to do it with them!