Lead Now, Learn How: Leadership for Youth
This is a practical guide for young leaders to take responsibility for creating a more peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and democratic world around us.
Crossing Borders

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Human Rights
Public Speaking
Team Building
Addressing the Team
Intercultural Communication
Strategic Communication
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Shared Learning
Mind Mapping
Making a video
Giving feedback
Course Description
This course is for: young leaders, youth workers, future diplomats, promoters of peace, human rights activists, active citizens and anyone that wants to take responsibility for creating a more peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and democratic world around us. It is a result of the project “Young Diplomats for Peace and Dialogue in Ukraine, Georgia and Denmark”, supported by CISU – Civil Society in Development. Find out more about the project here: http://crossingborders.dk/young-diplomats-for-peace-dialogue-in-ukraine-and-georgia True leadership is based on personal integrity, inspiring vision and a commitment to people. It means serving people: trying to create the conditions for top individual and collective performance. The leadership needs to cater to all process phases, from communication, team building and coaching to handling conflicts and unforeseen challenges.

Unit 1 Why do we Need Young Leaders?
In this unit we will inspire you with young leaders around the world and discuss how to take action.
Unit 2 What Makes a Leader?
You will learn what makes a good leader, including the basic concept of leadership and a leader’s qualities.
Unit 3 How to Practice Leadership Skills: Team-building
You will learn the different aspects of good leadership practice through information on teambuilding and team effectiveness, with a special reflection on feedback.
Unit 4 How to Practice Leadership Skills: Communication
In this unit, you will learn the basic aspects of communication and public speaking Together, we will explore successful communication by introducing: - what is active listening - tips to improve your public speaking skills