The First Steps to Public Speaking
This course focuses on the art of public speaking by giving you short assignments and ideas to improve your skills and competences.
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Public Speaking
Behavioral Change
Critical Thinking
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Making a video
Writing a One-Minute Paper
Giving a Speech
Giving feedback
Join an Event
Writing an Essay
Course Description
If you never had a chance to speak for an audience or if you are afraid of public speaking, welcome to the club! The idea is to give you some tips and tricks to help you to improve and be the best version of yourself. This course is to empower you to reach the highest of your public speaking potential. Here you will find videos and articles to give you inspiration, so you can get out of your comfort zone!

Unit 1 Fear of public speaking
Most people are afraid of being on a stage in front of others or even of doing small presentations in front of colleagues or classmates. It is normal. Public speaking is a hot topic and is addressed by several psychologists, coaches, specialists on personal branding and more. In this first unit, we will learn more about the fear of public speaking and how to overcome it.
Unit 2 How do you want others to see you?
When we are in public, people can make assumptions about you. How would you like people to perceive you? As creative, inspiring, brave...? In this unit, we present some some insights to get started on how you want people to perceive you.
Unit 3 The message
What is the message that you want people to take it home? What is that you want to convey? It´s important to think about the message you want to send and how your content can be delivered to your public. Here are some videos and articles to help you with your content.
Unit 4 Practice makes perfect!
As in any other skill, practice is what makes perfection! In this unit, you will see the importance of practice and exercises to take you out of your comfort zone. Please, don´t forget that this unit is focused on empower you if you don´t feel comfortable give yourself time, trust your feelings. Do not put yourself in a situation that can give you an anxiety trigger.
Unit 5 The importance of public speaking
Public speaking is a skill that can change your life! This is our last unit and it is focused on you! The goal is to reflect on how you think gaining excellent public speaking skills can change your life or improve your career. You can also find my personal perspective with my article " The art of doing something you are terrible at" , (it is on the materials) to inspire you to practice and try even if you do not believe you are good at public speaking.