First Questions, Start Your Business Series
The focus of this course is to help you to think about the first questions when considering starting a business. This course is more inspirational and focused on giving you examples and insights.
The Valkyrie Endeavour

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Business Strategy
Critical Thinking
Customer Service
New Business Development
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Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Strategic Partnerships
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Mind Mapping
Giving feedback
Course Description
Do you have a business idea that you would like to think deeper? Then this is the perfect course for you! Here we will brainstorm the most relevant questions when considering starting a business, there will be a lot of reflection and insights! Every unit has a focal point and they are interconnected, so there will be questions from one unit that are very related to other units! The idea is to address the topics with different questions with the same purpose: to get more insights about your business idea and the possibilities around it! This course aims to brainstorm with you, so there are no right or wrong answers! The exercises are here to create possibilities and to inspire your creativity when thinking about opening or exploring a new business idea. This is the first course of "Start your business Series" created by The Valkyrie Endeavour.

Unit 1 Introduction: What is your idea?
This is first unit challenges you think deeper about the business idea you have. Get started by watching the motivational video to inspire you to find your dream business.The extra materials are focused on organizing yourself for studying or for working on your idea. Let's begin with the first questions that can be relevant when thinking or exploring a new business!
Unit 2 Who is your customer?
Dig deeper into customer analysis and the questions to better understand & know your target audience. We start this unit with a short intro video on knowing your customer, on the materials we have the questions that can be relevant when you want to understand your customer better and extra material (an article about customers selection). Your customer is extremely important for your business and the more you know him/her, the more chances you have to create a product or a service that is attractive for your target audience!
Unit 3 What is your market?
In this unit, we will focus on market analysis and market characteristics. We want to reflect on the characteristics of the market that you chose (or you are thinking about it) and think if it is the right market for your idea. There is a short intro video and reflection questions.
Unit 4 Who are your competitors?
In this unit, we will look more into the competitors in the market. We start with the reflection questions and we follow with a series of articles about market competition. It is crucial to know who your competitors are, their strengths, weakness, strategies and how can you be different from them.
Unit 5 Who can be your partners?
Let's think about partnerships! We will brainstorm with questions related to who could be a good partner on your idea You will find in this unit articles to help you understand partnerships and reflection questions to encourage you to think about your business. Partners in business can open new doors: help you to enter the market, introduce you to more partners, make a join product or service, and many more!
Unit 6 What is your strategy?
Now we are going to think about business strategies and let's think together the ones that would be a great fit for your idea. In this unit, we have reflection questions to help you with the business strategy and we will focus on mapping it and also doing the SWOT analysis.
Unit 7 What is the cost?
Let´s think about the costs to start and develop your idea. Here, we will start reflecting on the questions related to the costs to start your business, and there are also articles to guide you in taking notes and list your costs. There are some reflection TedX videos about costs.
Unit 8 How is the production?
In this unit, we present the questions related to the production of your product/service, the focus is to brainstorm how the production will be. In this unit, we have our reflection questions and also some articles as for example of small business production that can help or inspire you. There are also some TedX videos to challenge you and cases to inspire you. We need to keep in mind that production is different for products (different products or physical and digital products) and for services.
Unit 9 Reflecting on your idea
This is the part where you give feedback to yourself and to me about how you feel about your idea, the points you are happy about, the challenges, and what do you want to improve. There is a TedX video to inspire you to say yes to your ideas!