Above & Beyond: The Importance of Space Exploration
Discover & explore celestial structures in outer space through the development of new business paradigms & technologies.
Space Explorers Academy

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Course Description
Curious about space exploration? Hungry to know more beyond the moon landing or projects on Mars? Space exploration is actually pushing the limits of what is possible for humanity to achieve & how it benefits life on Earth! This course is for those of who you are curious about space exploration beyond moon landings or water on Mars to understand how it is already shaping our society!

Unit 1 Looking up: Why explore space?
Throughout history, humans have used the stars and planets to track time and location. Through stories we have preserved an integral aspect of our societal origins and helped recognize how interconnected our ancestors were in attempts to understand our place in the universe. This unit dives into the basics of astronomy, taking you beyond stargazing to truly understand why space exploration is important.
Unit 2 The space race: What drives us to do difficult things?
This unit will approach the history of humankind's exploration of space and you will learn about some of the companies leading the way and get a deeper understanding of what motivates us to explore.
Unit 3 Creating the vision: Space technologies shaping the future
Incredible technological advancements are shaping the way for the next generation of space exploration. In this unit, you will learn about some of the important discoveries and tools that scientists and astronauts are using to shape the future of humans in space.
Unit 4 Becoming multi-planetary: What is next for the human species?
This unit will look at what is being done to make humanity multi-planetary. You will learn about some of the challenges of exploring beyond the earth's orbit and ignite your imagination about possible future space colonies.
Unit 5 Next steps: Inventions that push our limits
The evolution of space technology is rapidly experiencing exponential trends seen in other emerging technology life cycles. With the advent of small satellites costs decrease permitting increased diversity in application. This unit will examine some of the implications and possibilities for the next phase of space exploration using satellite technology.
Unit 6 Overview effect: Beyond borders to expand frontiers
How is space exploration changing society by inspiring awe of the incredible magnitude of space? By learning about the overview effect and how it can encourage a sense of connection with life on earth, this unit pushes the boundaries of space exploration!