Designing an Inclusive & Sustainable Future Through Emerging Space Technology & XR Education
Imagine a community or society that possesses highly desirable qualities for its citizens & focuses on equality in economics, government & justice to improve the human condition & our environment.
Space Explorers Academy

Knowledge tags
Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Stakeholder Mapping
Creative Commons
Global Goals
Open Source
Data Science
Quality Education
Education for All
Scientific Method
First Principles
Citizen Science
Goal 4: Quality Education
Data Protection
Machine Learning Ethics
Critical Thinking
4th Industrial Revolution
Artificial Intelligence
Political Science
Computer Science
Sustainable Technology
Value Systems
Philosophical Reasoning
Cognitive Biases
Emotional Intelligence
Emerging Technologies
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Social Network
Scale Impact
Digital Governance
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Smart Cities
Climate Action
Capacity Building
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Mind Mapping
Writing a One-Minute Paper
Shared Learning
Prior Understanding
Joining a Virtual Field Trip
Giving feedback
Course Description
This course introduces cutting edge technologies and new perspectives surrounding education goals and provides exciting ways to approach building a more inclusive future for all! With increased connectivity and technological progress, our planetary systems are undergoing major disruptions across many industries and government systems. As the division among peoples seemingly increases, many are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless that the situation can improve. However, with emerging communications tools and respectful approaches, we can identify our common goals and strengths and amplify real strategies to improve ourselves and subsequently the world around us in sustainable ways.

Unit 1 Creating pathways for an inclusive future
Learn about human rights and sustainable development strategies and goals to overcome some of the largest challenges currently facing the planet.
Unit 2 Evolution in education: Emerging methods to approach learning
This unit will introduce new methods of approaching how we learn and share our knowledge by looking at the evolving landscape of education tools and techniques.
Unit 3 The 4th industrial revolution: The dawning of a new age
Dive deep into changes in society and the ethical challenges of evolving social contracts. This unit will expand your knowledge through a deeper understanding of historical shifts in civilization as well as concepts of open source knowledge and collaboration.
Unit 4 Choose your own adventure: Creating a sustainable future
We currently possess unimaginable technological power unmatched in recorded history, however, how we decide to grow these technologies has a tremendous impact on the direction our planetary systems will evolve into. Will we be passive or active in its direction? This unit will help you to better identify your perspectives and biases and grow an appreciation for respectful dialogue to increase cooperation across the wide variety of human experience.
Unit 5 Building momentum: Innovative tools to communicate a future of our dreams
Explore educational practices and emerging technologies that are opening the world up to diverse ideas. You will begin to be introduced to methods of learning and accessing data that have large implications to inform future development and societal growth.
Unit 6 Envisioning an ideal world: What do we want and how we can get there?
This unit will present an ideological framework and some technologies under development today that could restructure society in more sustainable ways. You will also learn about evolving governance models that are in being tested and implemented.