Introduction to Personal Development
Personal Development is the all-round development of an individual and cannot happen in a day. There are multiple characteristics that need to be worked on while developing one’s personality.
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Course Description
This course is divided into four units, each with exercises designed to help the learner understand what Personal Development is. The Four Units are:  The 5 Key Areas of Personal Development  The Personal Development Skills  Tools that promote Personal Development  Different ways of improving personal development

Unit 1 The 5 Key Areas of Personal Development
Each day the world is becoming more dynamic. The technological and information progress requires constant human personality development that allows for the growth of skills and abilities that assist individuals in adopting in this ever-dynamic world. Development constitutes the activities that an individual engages in that help develop talents and contribute to the achievement of dreams and aspirations. They are actions that influence a person’s entire life, and sometimes are not limited to personal or self-help but incorporate assistance from outside environments such as our parents, teachers, and friends. There are five critical areas of personal development that reflect on one's ability to perform well and achieve the desired goals. In this paper, we will carefully analyze these substantial areas, point out how they influence our success and how efficiently we can improve them for the ultimate good.
Unit 2 Personal Development Skills
Personal development revolves around personal skills. These skills are not easily taught and have to be intrinsically explored by a person him/herself. It entails qualities and skills one already possesses or those acquired through training and education.
Unit 3 Tools that promote Personal Development
At the end of this chapter, you will be able to equip yourself with the ability to translate your goals and dreams into reality. Besides, the chapter introduces the concept of Self Awareness that we will cover as a topic as we advance into Personal Development. Through this chapter, we would like to cultivate the spirit of Transformative, Visionary, and Personal Leadership, with the ability to engage the hand, mind, and heart in pursuit of a definite and worthy goal. Either short-term or long-term. This chapter will nurture a learner to cultivate a creative mindset that allows him/her as a leader to see challenges as opportunities to develop new, creative, and brilliant solutions. Since we live in a diverse society with different kinds and groups of people, this chapter aims to instill us with Transformative Leadership Skills on how to ethically engage others and, consequently, generate a sustainable and positive change.
Unit 4 Different ways of improving personal development
Some of the key areas of personal Development include; improving self-awareness, knowing one's potential, strengths, and talents, knowing one's skills, improving one's career, self-confidence, among others.