Demystifying Digital Twin, Future Technologies Series
What's the Digital twin technology hype? In this introductory unit, you will explore the meaning of this technology, how the idea was conceived and what it entails.

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Course Description
Isn't a digital twin a mere clone? This is a major misconception, a digital twin doesn't have anything to do with the cloning you've probably come across in sci-fi movies, but it does relate to the relations between the physical and digital world! This course is not about learning how to build your own digital twin or the technical architecture behind digital twin technology. It is targeted to people who may never learn how to code, but want to understand how digital technology is used and how it will impact our future. Dear users, you can now download the certificates for the courses you complete on The LAB. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below: 1. Go to the “Dashboard” which you can find on the top right corner between “My Courses” and “Messages” 2. On the option “Insights” you can see all the courses you have completed. Simply click on the “download” icon under “Certificates”. 3. That’s it! Thank you for completing a course on The LAB. We look forward to seeing you again

Unit 1 What is Digital Twin?
Simply put, a digital twin is the coming together of the virtual and physical world. In some cases, it is referred to as the digital reflection of something physical that powers Artificial Intelligence (AI), but it can also be a digital map that powers Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). If you have taken this unit before from the course titled "Future Technologies Series: Technologies Changing the World" then you can skip the syllabus and video lecture, and head straight to the exercise section.
Unit 2 How does a Digital Twin Really Work?
The Internet of Everything (IoT) is a crucial part of digital twin technology- if you are still fuzzy about what IoT really is or are simply curious to learn more about IoT, head over to the IoT course, which is also part of the Future Technology Series. Powered by IoT data, Digital Twin enables faster decision-making processes and maintaining the quality of products. In this unit, you will dig deeper into the ways in which a digital twin works. We suggest you start with the article in the syllabus titled ‘How does a digital twin work’, which gives a good overview.
Unit 3 Digital Twin Technology: Applications & Examples
Digital Twin has successfully brought value to the existing and upcoming business segments and continues to do so. Let's take a closer look into the some successful applications of digital twin technologies
Unit 4 Future Opportunities of Digital Twin Technology
Digital twin is already staying ahead of the digital disruption by understanding the changing customer preferences. What does the future hold? Creating possibilities to improve people’s lives and opportunities for businesses - digital twin has a lot to offer and this unit focuses on the future of this emerging technology.