The Basics & Impact of Blockchain Technology - Future Technologies Series
Blockchain is more than just bitcoin and cryptocurrencies- learn about the amazing potential for social and economic impact of this emerging technology.

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Course Description
This course will take you through the fundamentals of blockchain - how it is built and run - before diving into the impact of blockchain has on our financial system, in the world of international development and even democratic governance! This is a beginners introduction to Blockchain. No technological background is necessary, only a desire to learn about the blockchain technology or the social, cultural and societal implications of the use of new and emerging technologies. The Basics & Impact of Blockchain Technology is a part of a larger series of courses called ”Future Technologies”. Dear users, you can now download the certificates for the courses you complete on The LAB. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below: 1. Go to the “Dashboard” which you can find on the top right corner between “My Courses” and “Messages” 2. On the option “Insights” you can see all the courses you have completed. Simply click on the “download” icon under “Certificates”. 3. That’s it! Thank you for completing a course on The LAB. We look forward to seeing you again

Unit 1 Breaking Down Blockchain: How Does It Really Work?
Imagine being able to share information online that could not be copied... sounds unbelievable right? Well, that is exactly what blockchain technology makes possible! From digital currencies to voting ballots, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the exchange of online date! But how does it really work? This unit features Christian Ingemann, founder and all-round developer at Comet Studies, where he designs new learning experiences for personal and business development. Christian introduces you to the basics of blockchain technology, shedding some light on what this hot technology topic is really all about. If you have already taken this unit in the course "Future Technologies Series: Technologies Changing the World" then head straight to the exercises! They will help test your grasp of basic blockchain concepts one more time.
Unit 2 Show Me the Money: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Decentralized Banking
The concept of money is in itself complex. Why can a slip of paper in the form of a dollar bill, a Euro, a yen, a pound, or a rand be exchanged for tangible goods like bananas, books, and bedsheets? In simple terms, we use the money for buying what we need to use or consume on a regular basis. What would currencies look like if we were to remove the central bank and build our units of exchange around a decentralized system? This is what cryptocurrencies offer.
Unit 3 Hacking Humanitarian Aid: Blockchain & International Development
Now that you've gotten the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, let's zoom in on a case that really shows the impact of this technology on society today. Did you know that blockchain is already being used as a tool for international development? This unit will also help you identify some of the key opportunities of blockchain as an innovative solution to hack the future of development aid.
Unit 4 Blockchain, Governance and Democracy
Voting frauds, manipulation of voting systems, distorted views, and divided public opinions — democracies around the world are under constant pressure online due to the digital revolution. Social media has also affected the ways in which information is shared and transmitted among millions of individuals across the world. In this unit, we explore the potential of using blockchain technology to build trustworthy and transparent governments which work in the interest and welfare of their citizens in a committed and dedicated way.
Unit 5 Looking Ahead: Future Blockchain Applications
Experts predict that there will be more blockchain-based offerings across many industries. It will continue to impact the financial, healthcare and government sector in number of ways. This unit brings you expert future predictions as well as the most recent use cases of blockchain. To navigate the sources in this unit, select a few that grab your attention and dig deeper into them!