Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
How can we live in a sustainable world without peace?

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Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Peace and Conflict Resolution
The United Nations
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Poverty Reduction
Gender Rights
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Course Description
With such a huge global problem, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or thinking that only governments have the power to decide the future of peace and justice. Actually, they don’t work alone, but before taking action we need to understand the problem. This course helps you understand what it takes to prevent injustice, violence, and discrimination in your own community and make a global impact!

Unit 1 Make love not war
I’m sure you have watched a video or heard someone the Miss World competition use “World peace” as an answer to the change they want to see come true. It might seem funny to some or an easy answer to others- but this is no laughing matter because most of them are actually making a difference. Klaus Ljørring, head of unit at the Danish Refugee Council, explains what this goal is all about and even shares the action that the Danish Refugee Council is doing today to make a change. Head over to the materials and exercises to have a better idea of raising awareness as a champion of peace!
Unit 2 You’ve got the power
You have the power to rise above violence and demand their rights to education, healthcare, justice services and much more, so that they can be thriving citizens and care for those of their fellow citizens, especially minorities and marginalised. Stories are powerful. We believe that the best way to get your inspired and ready to take action for Goal#16 is to hear from the world’s change-makers and become one yourself. We’ve compiled videos that go deep into the roots of the injustices people faces and how they overcame them. Then, we also have tips and we begin to co-create ideas so that you can make a change today!