Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life On Land
We are surrounded and provided for by land, but how are we treating our land?

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Goal 15: Life on Land
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Plants provide 80% of our human diet. Forests account for 30% of the Earth’s surface. Between 1990 and 2015, the world’s forests have diminished from 31.7% to 30,7% of the total landmass on Earth. How many statistics do we have to share read before realising that life on land is a crucial part to our existence. From farming to deforestation, this course is meant to raise awareness about the issue in simple terms, all while focusing on taking action today! Who says we have to wait until 2030?

Unit 1 Does money grow on trees?
Humans rely heavily on agriculture, both as an economic resource and for social development. It is what brings food to the table and it is also an important source of income for many families and countries, especially in Africa and Latin America. At the same time, natural resources such as water, forests and animal life are being threatened by human activities, with consequences ranging from drought and deterioration of land to poaching and trafficking of wildlife. What does intensive farming today look like and how are other human activities affecting life on land?
Unit 2 Old McDonald had a farm...
Once again, humans are to blame. The land is in bad shape due to human activities like intensive farming, infrastructure development, deforestation and animal trading. It’s one thing to read some texts about SDG15, and it is another to see it with your own eyes. Head over to the videos and articles for visuals and engaging stories about real cases about the current status of life on land.
Unit 3 Land for all
So, what is Goal#15 really aiming at? Champions of the goal promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification and halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss. What can you do? We’ve compiled some materials to get you inspired and started on your journey to being an SDG15 changemaker!