The Inclusive Sweet Spot
The course will take you on a diversity and inclusion journey with more focus on inclusion than diversity.
Diversity Factor

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Goal 5: Gender Equality
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Gender Rights
Human Rights
Sexual Rights
Equal Opportunity Policy
Social Media
Cognitive Biases
International Development
International Finance
Behavioral Change
Future of Work
Values at Work
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Course Description
Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a strategy. The key to harnessing the powers of diversity is to build inclusive environments, where everybody feels safe and can be their true self. When we get to that inclusive sweet spot, we will start to see the powerful effects of diversity; happier employees, more innovation and increased financial performance. But, how do we get to that place? Diversity Factor is happy to present in collaboration with CanopyLab the Inclusive Sweet Spot training for individuals, organisations and big and small companies. Through three units of online learning and training, we will take you on the journey on how to create inclusive environments, where diversity thrives.

Unit 1 Why is diversity important?
What is actually the fuss about diversity and inclusion. Why is gender equality a UN sustainable development goal? And why do you even need to care about it.
Unit 2 What does diversity mean for your business?
Diversity has a huge impact on your business’ performance. This unit will go through why from the (employer)branding process over recruitment to the daily operations.
Unit 3 Creating an inclusive working environment
Only by creating inclusive workplaces can we reap the benefits of diversity. Diversity Factor will facilitate an online workshop of 1,5 hours, where research and data on inclusion will be presented, hereunder how to deal with privilege and unconscious bias. The online workshop will focus on how to build inclusive work environments. Since the workshop is online through Zoom, 10 participants can take part in the workshop. The workshop can be accessed through a participants fee of €99 + VAT. You can sign up here: If you do not wish to attend the workshop, you can finish the unit by reflecting in a paper on what policies, you would like to see in a company in order to create an inclusive workplace.